Campaign 1 – 2016

January 1 – March 31, 2016

Primary and Secondary Campaigns

#1: The primary message for C1 2016 will highlight our HEALTHY OPTIONS. As our guests make healthier choices to support their New Year’s resolutions, we want remind our guests that they can order their favorite subs on flatbread, or as a lettuce wrap or salad.

#2: The secondary message will focus on SPORTS CATERING with the option to feature a price point for a 2-foot Classic Subs.  This message applies to both football and basketball season.

Digital Marketing Panels will be automatically updated with the new messaging on 1/1/16.

Tertiary Campaign

#3:  The tertiary message will focus on TUNA as a meat-free option during Lent.  This piece highlights the tuna Classic Sub, tuna melt griller and tuna salad.

Digital Marketing Panels will be automatically updated with this message from 2/10/16 – 3/24/16.

Additional Message

#3: You will receive a FLATBREAD sneeze guard cling, with the “Keep it Fit” message.  Install this cling at the slicer position in order to promote flatbread sales.


Radio Spots – Healthy Options and Sports Catering

TV Spot – Sports Catering