Campaign 1.5 – 2015

February 2 – March 31, 2015

Campaign Overview

#1: The primary message for C1.5 2015 will focus on the rollout for the KEEP IT FIT PROGRAM (KIF). Any of our classic subs can be ordered as part of the KIF Program: On flatbread, no cheese, no mayo = UNDER 400 CALORIES. For recommended flatbread pricing, please contact your FMC.

#2: By popular demand – they’re back! The secondary message will focus on the reinvented CHICKEN TRIO. Our guests will be excited to have a choice of three great flavor profiles during this eight-week promotion: the NEW Sriracha Chicken Griller, the Buffalo Chicken Griller and the Teriyaki Chicken Griller. The Chicken Trio is available on flatbread, or as a Sliced Fresh Griller™ on white, wheat or sourdough bread. For recommended flatbread pricing, please contact your FMC.

#3: Our tertiary campaign will promote TUNA as a meat-free meal option. The piece highlights the tuna classic sub, tuna melt griller and tuna salad.

KIF LOGO 2Keep It Fit Program

The new Keep it Fit™ program is based on ordering any Port of Subs® Classic Subs, #1 – #18 with the following modifications:


The price of your Keep It Fit™ sandwich should be the same price as a Flatbread Classic Sub.

Marinated Cucumber Salad

To go along with the Keep it Fit sandwich we are introducing a Fresh Cucumber Salad as an alternative to the Potato/Macaroni salad or chips option in a combo. You will portion it into either your 8 oz or 12 oz container and pricing should be the same as the Potato or Macaroni Salad options. The recipe and procedures for this will be included in the campaign box. All the ingredients are items that you will already have in your restaurant.

New Offering – Flatbread

As of February 2, 2015, we will offer flatbread as part of our Keep it Fit™ Program. It is crucial that all employees watch the new video and are properly trained on how to make a Classic Sub, Griller Sub or Breakfast Sub on the new Flatbread. The main thing to keep in mind is that you can make any sandwich on the Flatbread by just using the 5-inch portion.

Flatbread comes as follows: Pack size is 120 units per case which  counts as 30 sticks per case. Since each piece is considered a 5-inch portion you would count one as .025 of a stick. 4 pieces of flatbread would then equal 1 stick of bread.

Training Video

LogoPDFFlatbread Procedures


LogoPDFRegister Instructions

LogoPDFCA Register Instructions

 Chicken Trio

This LTO will run from 2/2/15 – 3/31/15 and will include the Teriyaki Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, and NEW Sriracha Chicken and also be featured on flatbread. Please purchase the Sriracha Sauce through US FOODS for this LTO and you can find the Sriracha Chicken recipe below.

Proper Training 

There are a lot of new items that are being rolled out or changed on 2/2/15. In order to help the system roll all this out smoothly, it is imperative that you go over all the materials with your employees and provide the proper hands on training that will be needed so they are aware of all of the updates.

Sampling/Suggestive selling new products

With all the new products rolling out, make sure that we are suggestive selling the new items to the customer and sampling Flatbread subs in sample sizes during lunch. We have to have our employees excited about the new products so they will help sell them to the customer.

LogoPDFSriracha Chicken Griller Procedures


LogoPDFBuffalo Chicken Griller Procedures


LogoPDFTeriyaki Chicken Griller Procedures



LogoPDFSriracha Sauce Procedures


LogoPDFChicken Trio Nutritional Info



LogoPDFUS FOODS Product Information


System Wide Menu Update

New Menu Boards

All stores in the Port of Subs® system will be receiving an entire new set of “static” menu boards during the first week of February. The new menu boards are the same design as the current menu board with a lighter vinyl board. All of the new changes above are included in the new Menu Boards. The Advertising and Development Fund will be purchasing these new boards.

Digital Menu Boards are being put on hold at this time. There are many new products that are arriving in the Technology Market and we are looking at something that is less expensive and easier to work with. We will keep you updated on the progress in this area.

Combo Meals

We will now feature bottled water as an alternative option to the 22oz drink with our combo meals. Combo meal sales are up +15% in Reno since implementing this change 10months ago. The new menu boards will reflect this addition. Our customers will now be able to choose from a 22oz fountain drink OR the bottled water.

Classic Subs Menu #1 – #18

While we have been testing a limited menu in a few regions, our National Advisory Council decided to go back to the full menu of cold subs,#1 – #18, and that these cold subs will now be called Classic Subs. NEW #16 – Roasted Chicken Breast, Pepperoni and Pepperjack We added a new Classic (cold) Sub to replace the BLT.

Update on Griller Selections for 2/2/15 Rollout out

  • Due to the slow sales the Pulled Pork is being removed in all markets as of 2/2/15
  • N.Y. Steak will only be offered in certain regions with high usage
  • NAC approved to move the BLT to the Griller selection
    LogoPDFBLT Register Instructions

Portion Control Guide

We reviewed the entire guide and made a few portion changes as well as adding the new #16 – Pepperjack, Pepperoni, Breast of Chicken. We also added the #19 at the bottom of the Portion Control Guide to help direct portioning of any cheese and meat combination that is not listed on our #1 – #18 combinations. Please make sure you go over these changes with all of your employees. When posting your new guides (2 each are being shipped in your Campaign Kit), please take down any old Portion Control Guides and thoroughly destroy them.

We have updated the food cost charts with the new portion control guide and the new #16. Attached, you will find the food costs for the Classic Subs, Griller Subs and Breakfast Subs as well as the fixed cost for all sandwiches.

LogoPDFClassic Subs Food Cost 1-14-15

LogoPDFGriller Food Cost 1-14-15

LogoPDFCondiment Portions – fixed cost for sandwiches


Spinach & Cucumbers

NAC voted to add Spinach Leaves and Sliced Cucumbers system-wide so these products will be rolled out on 2/2/15 as well. US FOODS carries both items and procedures are attached.


Chicken Spinach Salad

This new salad is served on a  bed spinach. The price point for this salad is the same as your other meat salads – Chef, Grilled Chicken and Tuna.


Fresh Sliced Avocado

Fresh Sliced Avocado will be carried by District/Region only. All other areas will continue to use the avocado that they receive from US Foods.

Training Video

Marketing Update

Family Pack

The Family Pack will be featured on the Digital Marketing Panel instead of the menu board. Make sure that you ask each person ordering a 2 foot sandwich if they would like to make it a combo. A combo would include 4 assorted chips and 4 drinks (22oz fountain drink or bottled water).

Express Ordering (formally known as Online Ordering)

OLO is the new company that will be hosting the Express Ordering system. This new system will also be functional on tablets, smart phones, iOS app store, and android devices. Currently it is being tested in a few locations and we will be system wide by the end of March. Your Field Marketing Consultant will be in touch to help you set up your OLO account and new Wells Fargo merchant ID. Once you’ve been contacted you will have a limited time to complete all necessary documentation. OLO connects directly to your Wells Fargo payment processor to securely store customer credit cards on file and to save you money on every transaction.

Register Update

New Registers

The Reno Market will have 23 or 30 stores with the new register system installed by January 31, 2015. And the other 7 stores will be installed by March 3, 2015.

We are finalizing many new reports that will download from your Register like the Sales Journal and the Activity Report. We are also working on the inventory program that will give you your own individual food cost. All of those items will be installed and tested over the next few months. The new register system will cut down on the amount of hours that you may currently spend on your bookkeeping and help with labor costs and controls.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the new system.