Campaign 3 – 2015

July 1 – September 30, 2015

C3 2015: July 1 – September 30, 2015

Primary Campaign

#1: The primary message for C3 2015 will highlight the 4 GREAT WAYS TO ORDER YOUR FAVORITE SUB. We wanted to take this time to focus on our great salads, flatbreads, wheat wraps, and lettuce wraps for the warm summer months.

Secondary Campaign

#2: The secondary message will focus on the PICNIC PACK with a pricepoint. There are many summer gatherings where our guests will be enjoying time with family and friends. Our Picnic Pack is the perfect item to take along!

Those restaurants that have a large poster frame will receive this printed poster. Please note that this will be the last inclusion of a large poster provided in the POP kits. Those restaurants that would like continue to use the large poster will be able to purchase a variety of options from Divvy.

Tertiary Campaign

#3: The tertiary message will focus on the OLO EXPRESS ORDERING. This will tell our guests that the new system is a quick and simple way to order.

Those restaurants participating in the new OLO program will receive an interior mounting sneeze guard cling, which should be installed at the slicer position.

4 Great Ways

:30 Radio Spot

4 Great Ways

:60 Radio Spot

Enjoy Summer

:30 Radio Spot

Digital Marketing Panels will be automatically updated with the new messaging on 7/1/15.

Dynamic Web Content

This web video highlighting OLO Express Ordering and making healthy choices will be used in various forms of digital advertising.

June Digital/Social Campaign